Major Changes
  • #106 Images hosted locally or on Amazon S3 can have a different price than the Event. It is now possible to assign an image type set to images, too.
  • #923 It is now possible to use precalculated images for local images. In the components options you can switch from dynamic image generation to static file delivery. This will help with performance on smaller servers since it reduces the number of parallel PHP requests.
Minor Changes
  • #915 The modules have a new switch to show the add2cart-icon. To make that work, you need to add a cart module on the page, too.
  • #922 The PayPal Basis plugin has a new option which allows to stop sending order confirmation mails for unpaid orders. Once the order is marked as paid, the order confirmation is send.
  • #929 Bootstrap 5 adjustments to support Joomla 4 Beta 7
  • #918 Some code fixes and a Smarty Template Engine update to 3.1.38 to support PHP8 a little more.
Bug fixes
  • #919 the percentage value of a surcharge is not taken into account.
  • #920 (re)added IE11 support. I’ll not test with IE11, please get rid of this stupid old browser! All the workarounds make the JS ~60KB larger.
  • #926 Fixes an issue with Joomla 4 Beta 6 and Yootheme. An exception could happen when the content plugin is initialized without parameters. J4 uses an unexpected default object type.
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