New Features
  • Localization of categories is now possible. There is a new Event Gallery tab for a category where you can enter the title and description in multiple languages. If you use those fields the normal title and description are not longer used so don’t get confused.
  • A slideshow option for the lightbox finally made it in. Colorbox has this feature out of the box, now you can enable it in the components options.
Minor Changes
  • Instead of throwing an SQL exception in case you try to copy an event with a non unique ID a meaningful warning is displayed now.
  • You can prevent right clicks in the lightbox now. Keep in mind that this will not protect your images in any way but it’ll keep the average user from saving the image easily.
  • Added watermark preview for portrait images so you can quickly see how your watermark will look like.
  • A new configuration option allows to share a link which shows the shared image but redirects the user to the event page.
  • Massive performance improvement for the Tile layout. This is especially true if you use Firefox.
Bug Fixes
  • The quantity input box on the cart page does not longer allow negative values.
  • The Picasa Import was broken. It created local events instead of Picasa Events.
  • Using an apostrophe in an event description caused issues with the event selection dialog.
  • Sharing urls use a different parameter than normal download urls. This allows to both download the image directly and share it to Facebook.
  • Picasa references which contain an @ character in the user name will work now. Album names should still not contain this character if you want to use them with Event Gallery.
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