New Features
  • #95 added scale prices for image types.
  • #346 removed Joomla! 2.5 legacy code. This version will not longer work with Joomla! 2.5.
  • #345 Each line item in the cart can have a separate comment field now. This allows your customers to add wished/comments/questions to each item.
  • #352 Joomla! Tags! This version removes the simple string tags and switches to native Joomla! tags. Migration should work automatically.
  • #379 added a new selector for Picasa albums on the event detail page in the backend.
  • #94 modules can use the same component layouts like the content plugin.
  • #128 a new square sized layout is available for displaying an event.
  • #423 The Events module is now able to use the three layouts for events.
  • #150 added support for IPTC attributes for title, caption and creation data. They are read from the files and stored in the database during a sync process. Use the components options (Image tab) to define if new data should overwrite existing data. In addition you have the option to sort local files by creation date. Again you can configure this in the components options. Check the Events - List tab for the two new options.
  • #449 increased the options to sort files of a local event. You can define a global sort attribute and direction as well as event specific sort values. A new sort button in the list of files will help you to assign propper ordering values in case you need them.
  • #459 improves cache ability of the main component output. It’s simply possible now for the views events, event and categories.
Minor Changes
  • #347 updated colorbox to version 1.6.0
  • #351 fixes namespace issue with the table classes. Moved them from Table* to EventgalleryTable*.
  • #372 click the order status area to get an inline editor to change the order status without opening a new page.
  • #374 picasa images are stored in the database now. This does not affect the cache files in the cache folder but makes some things easier and faster.
  • #388 the image links do not longer contain option and view url parameter to save some bytes in the HTML reposnse.
  • #398 updated smarty template engine to 3.1.27.
  • #382 added ability to sort events by category tree in the events list view in the admin section
  • #400 The Paypal Basic payment button uses a plain link now. This increases compatibility with email clients so people can pay by clicking the button in their emails.
  • #408 The image uploader uses a different URL to avoid conflicts with some server configurations. The URL does not longer ends with the filename.
  • #407 it’s now possible to see the list of images from remote sources in the back end.
  • #436 the initial thumbnail pages of the ajax layout are hidden now. While loading the page it looks like a broken layout. The thumbnails will appear after the script calculated the final layout.
  • #445 the modules can now render the Event Gallery layouts as links to the event or open the images in a lightbox. Check the new configuration option of the modules.
  • #458 modules are now cached globally (static). This is true for the cart module too. Please open the configuration of the cart module, configure the cache settings and hit the save button to enable caching for it.
Bug Fixes
  • #378 delete image types will not longer crash the order list in the back end. It is still not recommended to delete image types once you start using them.
  • #404 removes the fade animation for images on the events list.
  • #429 fixes displaying unpublished images types in the front end.
  • #440 the order confirmation mail to the admins contains now the customers mail data in the from and replyto fields.
  • #441 disabled the digital image type to avoid confusion for the users of the free version. This applies only if you do a fresh installation.
  • #442 fixes an issue with the content plugin which occured if the search index was build. the template lookup did not worked correctly and resulted in a lot of entries in the log files.
  • #450 fixes an issue with blurry images which was caused by rotating small images even if it was not necessary.
  • #452 if the localization key COM_EVENTGALLERY_SOCIAL_SHARE_IMAGE_SHARED has a value which contains an apostrophe a JavaScript error would prevent the Facebook Photo Share dialog from working.
  • #453 fixes a sunerialization error in the categories module which occurred if the cache was enabled.
Migration Hints
  • If you use tags make sure they still work as expected after installing Event Gallery 3.5.0. In case you need to repeat the migration you can call this url: /administrator/index.php?option=com_eventgallery&task=migration.migrateTags. It will transform the old Event Gallery tags into Joomla tags. While you can repeat the migration for events you can’t repeat the migration of menu items and configuratio options.
  • Clear the picasa cache! Otherwise you’ll not see any images until the cache gets invalidated.
  • If you want to see the new comments for line items in your mail, you need to adjust the order mail template. The field is named buyernote and you can find it in the default mail template.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.