Social Sharing

Social Configuration options

  • show social sharing button

    You can enable your visitors to post links to images in social media. In addition you can enable different sharing options with the dedicated buttons for each service.

  • Link Type

    By default a link to the image is shared if you share an image. With this configuration option you can share the link to the event instead. Be aware that most social networks will search the link you share for a thumbnail image and might not find one. If you want to use the shared image but want to redirect the user to the event use the redirect option.

  • Image Reporting

    If you host images from public events, people might want their photo deleted. By enabling this new social sharing option, your visitors can open a form to leave you a message. It might contain a delete request or something else. By using different values for the localization keys, you can use this feature for other things like requesting feedback for an image from your client.

Sharing is only possible if you don't protect the access to images. If Facebook and others can't crawl a page, you can't share it. Unfortunately they see not what you see if you logged in or entered a password.
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