Configuration options

There are a few things globally manageable. Here is a list of things you can do.


General Configuration options

  • Download ID

    If you have installed Event Gallery Extended you can use the auto update if you enter your download id here. Get it from

  • Notification User Group

    This user group is used to send notification about orders to. All users in this group which can receive system mails will get a mail upon an event.

  • Default User Group

    You can force the people to login before they can see your images. This field provides a set of default user groups which are used if an event does not define it's own.

  • Show User Group Specific Events in List

    Defines if you want to hide user group specific event in lists of events. They do still not appear in modules. Show them to make users aware that there is something they need to login for.

  • Use Caching

    If you enable this some views of the component will use caching. This does not influence module caching. They have their own cache configuration. Please have a look at the caching section in this manual for details.

  • Load uncompressed/readable JS/CSS files

    Puts the component into debug mode. CSS and JS files will be delivered separately and uncompressed.

  • Load responsive CSS

    This option turns on the loading of an elementary responsive CSS file. I recommend to turn off this option and add your own styles which match your templates responsive breakpoints. Please have a look at the FAQ section for example code.

    Depending on the template you're using, select the fluid or the static CSS. The static CSS is helpful if your template restricts the maximum width of the page. On the other hand, allows the fluid CSS to support the full browser width without having too large images.

  • Google Auth Token (deprecated)

    You need to set this token in order to use protected Google Photos albums on your site. Just hit the green Get Google Auth Token and follow the steps to allow Event Gallery access to your photos. Once the field is populated and you saved the options you can use protected albums from this Google account.

  • Google Photos API Client ID

    This filed holds the Client ID of your Google application credentials.

  • Google Photos API Secret

    This filed holds the Secret of your Google application credentials.

  • Google Photos API Refresh Token

    Before you can use this field, you need to enter and save the Client ID and the Secret. Then you can use the button to select your Google account and build a connection to your Google Photos account.

  • Flickr API key

    Defines your Flickr API key. There is a build in key but this one can expire anytime. Make sure you get your own key!

  • Flickr Cache Time

    Unit of this value is second. Defines how long a Flickr album is cached before it gets reloaded from the Google servers. Check the manual on how Flickr integration works.

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