• Recursive items count

    If we display the number of items per category should we show it including the items of the subcategories? If you have a category tree and want to count the events you assigned to the subcategories set this option to Yes.

  • Recursive items

    If we show the events for a category should we show the events for the subcategories too? Normally a list of events for a category shows only the events assigned to the current category. By setting this option to Yes you can show the events assigned to the subcategories too.

  • Category List Layout

    Defines the layout we can use for a list of categories.

  • Show the subcategories headline

    Use this to show the subcategories headline on category pages. You can also translate the term subcategories to show something else. The Joomla Language Manager will help here.

  • Show Events per Category

    Show the number of assigned events for a category.

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