This tab offers configuration options for the lightbox. Some of them can be overridden by a menu item configuration.

  • Hide Nav Delay

    Defines the delay in milliseconds until the navigation and information elements in the lightbox fade out. A value of 0 will use the default configuration of the lightbox.

  • Enable Slidehow

    The lightbox offers a slideshow feature. Use this option to enable this feature. Keep in mind that the slidshow depends on the number of images on the page and is not available for all layouts and places.

  • Autoplay

    Defines if the slideshow starts automatically once the lightbox opens.

  • Delay

    Defines the speed of the slideshow. Values are in miliseconds.

  • Prevent right click

    It is a bad behavior to disallow right clicks. Use this option if you want to prevent right clicks on the lightbox main image and the thumbnails anyway. This will not protect your images but adds an additional layer of annoyance.

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