Thumbs do not show up

There are a couple of reasons why thumbs don’t show up. At first, you have to check if the thumbs are visible in the back end. If so, it’s most likely an issue which occurs in your browser since the server can render images. The following lists point you so some of the most common issues.


Possible reasons

  • mod_secure: Please ask your provider about possible issues with that. Doing this solved 99% of the issue.
  • Error 500: PHP memory size too low. I have good experience with 128M. Depends on the size of your images
  • Error 500: weak server. Every thumbnail request is a PHP request. Some servers can’t handle the necessary amount of parallel PHP requests. You can switch to pre-generated images in the components options. Don’t forget to use the thumbnail creator to generate the necessary thumbnails for all your existing images.
  • Do not use special characters in your file names like Umlaute, +, or things like this. Make your file names safe for the web.
  • Install GD library for image processing. Double check after you switched to another PHP version!
  • PHP should have write permission to /images, /cache and /logs
  • Error 500: PHP should be able to execute the script /components/com_eventgallery/helpers/image.php in order to display thumbs. If you can’t/don’t want this, use pre-generated thumbnails instead of dynamically generated thumbnails.
  • Try to use the configuration Use Rendering Fallback to verify rendering thumbnails work. Contact your provider how to fix permissions for components/com_eventgallery/helpers/image.php.
  • Log file is too large: delete /logs/com_eventgallery.log.php
  • Sh404SEF: you might want to configure the Flooding Protection to prevent images from randomly disappearing.
  • The PHP method fpassthru is disabled. This method is necessary to deliver images from the server to the browser.
  • Google Photos: thumbnail URLs are valid for up to 60 minutes. Then they need a refresh. Make sure, your Google credentials are still valid, so Event Gallery can retriev new URL data.
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