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Figure 9.1. Error Reporting Settings

error reporting settings

You’ll see a blank page, this is mostly because your server does not match the requirements for this component. In order so see any useful error message, please set the Error Reporting using the Joomla Global Configuration to Maximum. You can find this setting on the Server tab. It might also be necessage to enable the debug mode. Please limit the visibility of the debug plugin to a trustworthy usergroup to not show this information to all users of your site.

error reporting settings debug

Don’t forget to set this setting to a lower value once you’re finished. You usually don’t want to reveal the cause of errors to your visitors.

It can happen that your template is hiding all error with a dedicated error template. To figure out what is going on, please rename the error.php, reproduce the issue, take a screenshot and restore the name of this template file.

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