The connection to Flickr happens through an API. To get access to that API, you need an API Key. Using Flickr in Event Gallery involves two steps:

  1. create a Flickr Account in Event Gallery
  2. create an Event

Please note that the term Flickr Account refers to the thing in Event Gallery. The Flickr Application is the thing you create on the Flickr-website to get an API Key and the API secret.

Setting up a Flickr account

Head over to and request an API key. Once your request is permitted, you have an API Key and an API Secret and can continue in Event Gallery.

Get API Key
Find API Key in your Profile
API Key Page no

You now have an API Key and the API secret. Let’s use them. Open the Flickr Accounts section in the Event Gallery backend and hit the NEW button. This will open a page where you can create/edit your Flickr Account.

There are several fields you need to fill. Start with the name and description. They’ll help to remember what this account was about. Now enter the API key. The next steps depends on what you plan to do. I’ll start with the most convenient ways.

Full Power

The benefits of this method: Automatic User ID-selection, access to your private photos. For this, you need to enter the API secret in addition to the API Key and hit the SAVE-button. If your API credentials are valid, you’ll see an Authorize-button. Use it to authorize your Flickr Application to access your images. If you’re back on your Joomla-site, the Auth-token, Auth-secret and your User ID field is filled. You’re done with that account.

flickr account

Limited Access

This way I don’t recommend, but you can still do it. The API-key you already entered. Now grab the UserID manually from the right column on and hit the SAVE-Button. You can use this account to access public photos the user you selected.

[Note]Build-In API Key

If you don’t specify an API key, there is a build-in API key which might work. Don’t rely on this. Using this key, you don’t need to add Flickr Account, but this method might break at any time. Good for a quick test, but not for production. If you create a Flickr Account, it is enough to add the User ID only, which you can find in the right column:

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