Event Gallery 4.0 is available. Between version 3.12.10 and the latest version, more than 50 tickets made it into the gallery component. Most of the changes are around the Joomla 4 support. Thanks to some engaged users, I was able to tackle many details to optimize your user experience, especially in the back end. Thanks a lot and keep reporting! The release notes you can find here: Release Notes

One mayor change you noticed: there is version 4.0 now! For about 8 years, I kept the 3 in front of the version number. But this makes it hard for you to notice how severe the changes between different versions are. Now we're back to a common version schema. Changes in the first number indicate that you need to carefully test your site with the new version. There will be no problem if you don't use any template overrides or custom CSS adjustments. If you do, check that your modifications are still working. I'll be careful with breaking changes, but they will happen. 

With Joomla 4, the place where you need to enter the download id for Event Gallery Extended changed. If you encounter any update issues, please update the download ID. This page will show your download ID and the process to add it: How to add a Download ID

Event Gallery

Event Gallery is a gallery component for Joomla. Don't be fooled by the name. It's a great component to present any kind of images on your website. You can substitute the term Event easily with Album. Here are some information about features in the current and in the upcoming release.

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Happy New Year 2013 Another year has started. I wish you a great year 2013.
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Christmas 2012 It's Christmas time again. I want to take the chance to wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. As every year we did a tiny shooting for our greeting cards. Please find some of the images after the break.
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update imageThe next update is here. This time it is all about supporting multiple languages. Since I'm a German native speaker I decided to provide a German version of all articles too. Don't be confused of the RSS-feed. It'll stay as it is and will deliver all new article in English language. Feel free to use the new Google +1 button in the top nav.
update imageI updated my website. Navigation has improved, search is available and I added a footer section. Furthermore a RSS feed is now available. So don't hesitate to subscribe :)

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