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#4607 imagelist only with small tumbnails and image view is distorted

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Latest post by sbluege on Friday, 10 November 2023 17:41 UTC



I added, since one year again, a new event to my site.

Where the imagelist shows only with small tumbnails. 
And clicking an image, to view it in full page, show it distorted.

See first artilce, "Violoncelle Hans-Martin Bader", on
The following atricle with events shows correctely.

I insert the image list into my article with

<p>{eventgallery event="VioloncelleHansMartinBader" max_images=4 mode=imagelist}</p>

Clearing the cache of Event Gallerydid not help.


What I am doining wrong ?

Thank you and best regards, Michael



Hi Michael, 

how did you add these new images? It looks like the metadata like width and height of those images is missing. You can run the "sync database" process (button in the top toolbar). But that should actually happen when you upload those images using the upload in Event Gallery. 


Hello Sven

You are so fast with replying ! 
Thank you.

I added the the images in the event, over the "Upload Files" button.

I added a second one "Violoncelle ancien, allemand, anonyme 905" where I did overwrite the jpg's after with SFTP.
Same comportement

I did execute "Tumbnail Creator" and "Sync Database" over all  Events.
=> Same as before.




Doing anything using sftp needs a sync for folders and files.

Did you do the sync for folders AND files?

You don't need the thumbnail generator since you use dynamic thumbnails. 

Did you change the PHP version recently? Maybe there are some modules missing.. but GD is available, otherwise you would see no thumbnails. Is there anything in your PHP error log?


SFTP I did only for one of the 3 new events "Violoncelle ancien, allemand, anonyme".
(just for a test)

Where I can "do the sync for folders AND files" ?

I think I changed PHP since previous events created (13/07/2022).

Sorry if I ask, where I can see the PHP error logs ?

In the Joomla installation "logs" folder ? There are only loggin errors.

Or by setting the Joomla to "Error Reporting" to "Maximum".
There I get only "Deprecated" messages: see attachment php-log-violini-ch-01.png




For the PHP logs you need to check the documentation of your hosting provider. 

Sync: There are two buttons in the top section: one for folders, one for files. Some people forget to click the button with the files. This will result in new files showing up, but they'll miss any metadata.

PHP8.2 and Event Gallery 4.3.2.... that is an issue, too. Please disable the deprecation messages. All those things are fixed in the latest version... but this will not run with Joomla 3. 

Let's try to full sync first. 


ok !  ... finally I found these 2 buttons.
Clicking the "SYNCHRONIZE IMAGES" did it.

Thank you very much for the fast and competent support !

Have a nice weekend, best regards


Nice! Still strange that you did not get that information while uploading the images.