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#4509 Event Gallery - Events Module - overlapping issue

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Latest post by ita4012 on Monday, 12 June 2023 13:01 UTC


Hi Sven. I use the Event Gallery - Events Module on my homepage.

When I visit my website from a smartphone I have the overlapping issue you can see in the screenshot.

Do you have any tips to avoid that?





Hi Fabio, 

yes, make the text smaller. You can hide the "hits"-line, too. Does not add much information but takes up space. 

In the mobile emulator, this looks fine. Do you have any special settings on your phone to display text larger?


Ok, Sven. I have tried and now it is fine, even if I would have to find  a right compromise, 'cause I like to show hits and date at Event level. It would be nice if those settings could be fixed at module level, and not as general settings in the component.

I didn't find where to ruduce text size.

Yes, I have increased size text on my smartphone to read better.



I suggest not reducing the text size. You have a special device which enlarged text. If you reduce the size, all the other users will have a text which is too small. 

It is possible to use CSS to hide the hit/date in the module, so it shows up everywhere else. If you enable those properties again, I can support with the necessary CSS.  


ok, thanks