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#4504 simply display the latest photo from an event, but without a link

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Latest post by sbluege on Thursday, 01 June 2023 06:05 UTC


I have sorted the pictures in the event gallery so that the last and most recent one is the first picture in the gallery. Is it possible to extract the first photo (for example in a module), but without a link. I would like to style it with my subtitle and another link (J! Menu).

Of course, when new photos are added in the same event gallery, the photo is expected to be automatically replaced with the next recent one... I tried via Event-Module and setting the id to Menu Item ID, but the menu link doesn't work.



A module showing the first image(s) of an Event would help with the automatic updates. But there is no option to add a separate link. Either a click is linked to the Event page or opens a lightbox.

The content plugin could render a raw image tag, but there it would pick up the same image every time: 
{eventgallery-image event='images' file='20111008_155119_IMG_0559.jpg' attr='image' mode='raw' crop='false' thumb_width='50' use_cart='0' }