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#4453 I need to sell protect digital images

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Latest post by on Sunday, 05 February 2023 20:20 UTC


I want to know how can I sell  digital image but not want customer to download it before paid it.

I have one solution about it. I use watermark to smear photos, but I want to give them the clear photo (photo with not watermark).

My main goal is not to allow to download the photos when we have not paid.

How can I do that ? 

Thank you for your solution.



Event Gallery will not show the original image. It always creates thumbnails up to 1600px. Even for the lightbox. Those thumbnails can be watermarked. The original file is only available with a purchase. 

You can disable the social sharing (which includes downloads), but please keep in mind people see something in their browsers which they can copy. 

Btw, if you change the watermark settings, please clear the image cache to force the generation of new thumbnails.


thanks for you reply.

I have already disable social sharing and download.

But I have test with paypal sandbox with shipping download but client obtain original image with watermark.

How can I remove watermark for original images send by email to customer  ?

Please check the configuration of the shipping method. There you can specify how the image is delivered. 
You original images are uploaded without watermarks, right? 

Am 5. Februar 2023 16:10:59 schrieb Sven Bluege <>:

ok thanks you is work now I have remove watermark in original image.