PayPal allows you to receive payments using PayPal. Once a user has created an order, he gets a PayPal button which he has to click in order to pay. This button is available in the order confirmation page, as well as on the order tracking page. It’ll disappear once the order is marked as paid.


  • Receiver

    the email address of the receivers account

  • Production Mode

    if set to production you can start earning real money. Otherwise, the sandbox mode is used. Make sure you entered a sandbox receiver.

  • Send confirmation mail before payment completed

    If you want to send the order confirmation mail after the payment is complete, use this option. By default, the mail is sent when the order is created. Setting this option to NO will result in sending the order confirmation mail if the order is marked as paid. There will be no additional payment complete-mail.

All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.