Manage Watermarks

If you want to brand images of event with a watermark you can define a number of different watermark configurations here. Once you created at least one here you can use them for an event. Check the event section for details.


Keep in mind watermarks only apply to local images. They do NOT work for images coming from Flickr or Google Photos. That’s actually impossible since those images are delivered directly from remote servers.

Only for sold images you can apply watermarks to images hosted by Google Photos and Flickr.


Thumbnails are always cached. Make sure you clear both the server and the browser cache to see the changes you made. There can be a default watermark. A default watermark is used if no other watermark is defined or the defined watermark for an event is offline.

If you save a watermark configuration you’ll find a preview on top which shows how a watermark would look like if it’s applied to an image.

Here are the options you have to set up your watermark:

  • Name

    The name of this watermark configuration. This is just an information for you.

  • Description

    The description of an watermark. Here you can add some notes to yourself. It’s not used while rendering a watermark.

  • Image

    The image which is used as watermark.

  • Margin Horizontal

    Defines the horizontal margin of the watermark. This setting is relative to the image size.

  • Margin Vertical

    Defines the vertical margin of the watermark. This setting is relative to the image size.

  • Opacity

    Defines the opacity of the watermark. 0 will make the watermark invisible.

  • Position

    Where should we place the watermark image.

  • Mode

    Choose how the watermark image should be rendered on the image. Fill means the watermark is just copied on the image. Fit will fit the watermark to 100% of the width of the image. The proportional setting allows a little bit more adjustments of the size of the watermark.

  • Proportional

    If you select the proportional mode you can use this parameter to adjust the size of the watermark on the image. 100 means to fill 100% of the width.

  • Threshold

    You can define the maximum size for thumbnails before they get a watermark. This way small thumbs can be delivered without watermarks while the larger ones get a watermark.

  • Published

    Is this watermark visible in the front end? Only published watermark configurations are applied in the front end rendering process. If you assign a unpublished watermark to an event the images will not be watermarked.

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