Create a Flickr Event/Album

To create an event in Event Gallery, start with hitting the NEW-button on the page which shows the list of Events.

  1. Select Flickr Images in Image Source dropdown.
  2. Select the Flickr Account your want to use to access the Flickr API. We created one in the instructions above.
  3. Select the album by clicking the Album Selector-button. This opens a dialog where you can select from the Flickr albums that account proives. Search, filter and finally hit the select-button. Your selection is transfered to the event
  4. continue filling fields like the title and don’t forget the publish-toggle.
  5. Save the Event and you’re done.
event flickr 01
event flickr 02
event flickr 03

You can use images uploaded after March 2012. Make sure your server can communicate with the Flickr server. Sometimes firewalls or PHP settings block outgoing communication.

All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.