Since Joomla 3.1.14 introduces some changes I'm in need to publish a new version sooner than I've planed to. Because of this the release is tagged with the BETA status. I don't expect many issues but please test careful and let me know about your findings. You can use the contact form or the defect tracker here Defect Tracker. Please visit the download section from time to time in order to see if an update is available.


  • Support of Social Media sharing is not build in. Now you can share links to your images on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest. In addition someone can send a link by mail or download the image directly. Please keep in mind that for sharing the image on Facebook you need to make the original files accessible. Normally there is nothing to do for you but if you protected the images folder you need to remove this protection.
  • EXIF readout during upload and database sync. Now you'll see EXIF data below images for local images too.
  • Thumbs a copy of the EXIF data from the original image. If somebody shares your images somewhere at least your copyright data is stored in each thumb now.


To update Event Gallery you just need to install the latest version using the Joomla Extension Manager. There is no need to do an uninstall before. Be aware that newer versions will wipe the component folder and remove language files during each installation. If you did code modifications, try to find a better way. If it's just about the language check the manual. I added a section which describes how to do language customization.



There is a manual available here: Event Gallery Manual. It includes a general description of the back end, contains a FAQ section and provides some basic videos.


You want to create a module or a plugin for this component? Get in touch with me. I'm happy to help you out and link your work in the manual.


If you like this component and want to support the development feel free to use the blue donate button in the right navigation bar.

Release Notes

- New Features
	- Social Media Sharing Buttons. The links which can be shared for an image direct 
	  the user to a mini page which presents the image. With a click on this image 
	  the user gets redirected to the event. Facebook need to read the original image
	  so don't put any restrictions on the image folder if you want to use the sharing
	- EXIF support for local images. Just sync your database to read the information 
	  from the files to the database. Once you did this, EXIF information will show up
	  for each image.
	- Thumbs contain now the original EXI information. This will help to have the 
	  necessary meta data available once those images appear somewhere else.

- Bug Fixes
	- fixed usage of wrong configuration set once the current menu item is not given
	- Fixed an issue with the folder selection form field which throw an 
	  exception like "Class 'JFormFieldList' not found".