For all people with a lot of events there is a great improvement available. You can configure a page size at the menu item level and show only a limited number of events per page. By default it is set to 12 events per page.

Another feature is the new "cart connector". Instead of displaying the internal cart button you can configure a link which can be shown instead. While it was originally build to connect to an external cart, you can easily use this feature to provide a download button for your image. Check the manual for details.


To update Event Gallery you just need to install the latest version using the Joomla Extension Manager. There is no need to do an uninstall before. Be aware that newer versions will wipe the component folder and remove language files during each installation. If you did code modifications, try to find a better way. If it's just about the language check the manual. I added a section which describes how to do language customization.



There is a manual available here: Event Gallery Manual. It includes a general description of the back end, contains a FAQ section and provides some basic videos.


You want to create a module or a plugin for this component? Get in touch with me. I'm happy to help you out and link your work in the manual.


If you like this component and want to support the development feel free to use the blue donate button in the right navigation bar.

Release Notes

- New Features
    - added option to display links to external sites instead of using the internal
      add2cart button. As of now there is a global configuration option where you 
      can define a pattern for the external link. Make sure you use the internal 
      or the external cart button only. If you're fit with JavaScript you can 
      target the new add2cart button and apply a different behavior. The link 
      contains two attributes data-file and data-folder which might become useful.
    - Lightbox uses it's own name space now. This will reduce the conflicts with 
      other lightbox includes.
    - List of events supports paging now
    - remove the a lot of configuration options for the events list (the new 
      feature is the clean code ;-)
    - language lookup extended to 
      language\overrides\language\xx-YY\xx-YY.com_eventgallery.ini so you can 
      manage your localized files independent from the component. 

- Bug Fixes
    - fixed missing error messages on checkout page
    - updated markdown library to prevent some warning messages in the documentation 
    - fixes issue with flexible layouts. The width is calculated initially, then 
      the scroll bars appear and the width decreases. The images will end up unaligned. 
      Now I set the min-width of the container initially to a height so the 
      scrollbars appear and the width calculation works.