The largest visible improvement is clearly the new full screen mode of the light box. To enable it, just open your menu item, switch to the advanced options tab and define this light box mode in the Events Layout section. In addition there is now an option for defining the sorting for the events in the Event list. While in the past sorting was only possible using the position field you can now sort by date as well.


There is a manual available here: Event Gallery Manual. It includes a general description of the back end, contains a FAQ section and provides some basic videos.


You want to create a module or a plugin for this component? Get in touch with me. I'm happy to help you out and link your work in the manual.


If you like this component and want to support the development feel free to use the blue donate button in the right navigation bar.

Release Notes

- New Features
    - improved caching. Files don't get purged if you purge the expired Joomla cache.
    - removes possible conflict with original LazyLoad version.
    - events list uses lazyload and dynamic image resizing like on the image list.
    - AJAX list loads images based one the available page size.
    - react on missing write permission on cache folder while writing a thumbnail
    - configuration option for image quality added.
    - significant reduced memory consumption and increased performance for processing 
      Google Picasa XML files.
    - added limit box for events list and file list
    - you can define the sorting of events for every menu item.
    - improved order mail
    - added option to display the lightbox in full screen mode. This is very handy if you want to
      support mobile devices since this mode does not waste as much space as the current lightbox.

- Bug fixes
    - the large image in ajax mode was not correct aligned. Usually it was displayed too large.
    - better support for SEO components like aceSEF.
    - Fix for showing tiny thumbs in Opera using a template which does not define the border-width 
      for the css class .thumbnail
    - removed Strict Standard messages
    - PHP 5.2 seems to work now.