While using Joomla for a while now I was always searching for a good content editor. While there are some WYSIWYG editors like JCE or TinyMCE available I just wanted to edit plain text. The out of the box plain text content editor enabled me to do exactly this but I missed some sort of syntax highlighting. Some weeks ago I felled in love with Sublime Text 2. Just today there was the announcement of version 1.0 of ACE which provides a look and feel like Sublime Text.

Because there is currently no integration of ACE into Joomla I decided to start building one. And here is the first version of it.

This is the very first version which just provides the ACE integration into Joomla based on the plain text editor. More configuration options are planed but I'd like to share this first version with you.

I just created a project on gitHub: ACE Content Editor Plugin. It is a good idea to get the plugin from there since it'll provide the latest version. You can check the download page too: Download Area


Today I added some more functionality like a full screen mode and the ability to resize the editor vertically. Just press F11 to toggle full screen and use the bottom right button to adjust the height of the editor field.

ACE Joomla Content Editor ACE Joomla Content Editor ACE Joomla Content Editor