The Pixel Kings are remote TTL triggers while the Pixel Opas are manual radio triggers. The combination of both triggers if very useful if you want to control the main lights using the FCM (flash camera menu) and trigger the manual flashes for the background using normal radio triggers. The Pixel King and Pixel Opas units are meant to be compatible. You can trigger a speedlite mounted to an Opas transceiver using the King transmitter. While this is working perfectly with my Canon EOS 7D I've got trouble with my 5DMKII.

issue with Pixel King and Opas remote trigger You can easily see the issue watching the picture to the left. 3/4 of the image are black and not lit by the flash.

Here is my setup: one King receiver and one Opas transmitter. A speedlite is mounted to the Opas receiver. The King transmitter is mounted to the hot shoe of the 5DMKII. I used several different speedlites like the Canon 580EXII, 430EXII, YN 565EX and the YN460 without getting different results. Below you can find a list of setting I tried. If the exposure time is long enough and the flash is on the 2. curtain I can get a fully exposed image. With all other setting I get a small strip exposed letting the rest of the image remain black.

Exposure TimeTransmitter SettingsResult
1/200manual, 1. curtainblack bar
1/100manual, 1. curtainblack bar
1/50manual, 1. curtainblack bar
1/25manual, 1. curtainblack bar
1/10manual, 1. curtainblack bar
1/2manual, 1. curtainblack bar
1/200manual, 2. curtainblack bar
1/100manual, 2. curtainblack bar
1/50manual, 2. curtainblack bar
1/25manual, 2. curtainno black bar
1/10manual, 2. curtainno black bar
1/2manual, 2. curtainno black bar

While I did the initial test with a King transmitter running firmware version v1010 I updated today to v1020. Sadly the situation did not improve.

If there is anyone who encounters this issue too or got a solution for it please let me know.

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Pixel Opas and Pixel King Pixel Opas and Pixel King