I was searching for a replacement of my old RF-602 radio triggers. The RF-603 are no option because of the missing ability to mount them directly to a light stand and the disability to fix the transmitter to the cameras hot shoe.

After a little research I found the Pixel Opas triggers. They are manual radio triggers and offer some benefits over the competitors.

The first and very important feature is that they are build in transceiver design. If you break your transmitter you can used one of the other units instead. No longer fearing to break the transmitter and can't use the receivers any more. Operation mode is detected automatically so there is no need for a dedicated switch. Mount a unit on the hot shoe of the camera and it becomes a transmitter, mount it somewhere else and it will act as an receiver.

The next key feature is the compatibility with the Pixel King units. The Pixel Kings are TTL radio triggers. By using them you can trigger the Pixel Opas units too. This is very useful if you want to use TTL speedlites and manual speedlites together and don't want to spend you money for TTL triggers for the manual flashes.

Maybe I should mention the power switch. You can switch the unit off if you don't use it. With the RF-602 I had to remove the battery of the transmitter to prevent misfires in the camera bag.
Just like nearly all the other remote triggers the Pixel Opas units can be used as a camera remote triggers too. Pixel delivers the necessary cables so this works out of the box. The same button which is able to focus and trigger the camera can also used as a test button which fires all the other receivers based on the selected groups and channel.

Triggering flashes remotely is easy. You have several options here. The first and easiest way is to mount your speedlite directly to the receivers hot shoe. The second option is to use the PC port of the receiver and an external hot shoe.

Build quality

The build quality is fair. Like the Pixel Kings the Opas units are made of plastic and don't feel as solid as the RF-602s. I'll handle them with care too. Especially the external antenna will need some extra care. There is a little padded bag for each transceiver in the box so you can store them a bit more secure.

Technical details
  • 2.4Ghz
  • Transceiver Design
  • about 400m range
  • 1/320s sync speed
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 4 Channels / 3 Groups

Switching from theory to practice: the Pixel Opas units are great. They do what they promise without any exception. Having the tree groups is a huge benefit if you have to adjust groups of flashes separately or want to switch on or off several groups. The transmitter normally fits on the cameras hot shoe. But if you want to use your TTL speedlite you'll have to find another solution. Mine is pretty simple. I use the PC port of the camera to connect an external hot shoe, mount this hot shout on a bracket and use transmitter there. Looks a bit funny but it works great.

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