If you start using your flash off camera you'll have to find ways to trigger the flash somehow. There are many ways available today.

Options to trigger speedlites off camera
  • Wireless manuel flash triggers
  • Optical flash triggers
  • Wireless ttl flash triggers
  • Optical ttl flash triggers
  • Sync cable
  • TTL cable

There are a lot of affordable wireless/optical flash triggers on the market available. Even for wireless TTL triggers you don't have to spend a fortune today. But there where times where I wanted to trigger the flash off camera using ttl and no wireless solution was available. There a ttl cord comes into play. While the canon version of this cord is pretty expensive, there are other manufacturers which offer nearly identical items.

I decided to buy the Meike TTL cable. They use the same locking mechanism as the Canon EXII speedlites do. Because of this you can quickly attach and remove the cord to/from the camera. That's the only special feature of this item. It's affordable, it works.

Meike TTL Cord Meike TTL Cord