In the past I wanted to add some Arduino magic to my rc car. But for now I just managed to add some fancy blinking leds to it.

My son got a firetruck for Christmas. It is so huge he can even sit on it. But there is no sound or light and a firetruck needs at least light. A siren is likely something I'll omit to safe ourselves some nerves. Initially I thought about using the Arduino and some leds but after a little research on I found exactly what I was looking for: 12-LED Flashing Light System for RC Car. So I ordered and it arrived just a week ago. But my second order did not. It includes a case for the necessary batteries to use the leds within the firetruck. Because of this I simple attached the led set to my rc car where power is already available. Since it is currently very early dark outside we have a lot of fun driving around. Actually I have fun driving, Maximilan has fun switching the flashing behavior of the leds ;-)


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