Sometimes all the hoarded stuff in you gear bag/room needs to be used. A very good reason to do this is when your niece needs some family pictures for school. Of cause you can use you smartphone the get the pictures but where is the fun than?

So I went home, grabbed the gear and stuffed it into the trunk of may car. Fortunately the living room was large enough for the background system and the lighting gear. I used one 580EXII in a softbox, one 580EXII from the right side and three speedlites for brightening the background. All flashes were triggered by Pixel Opas remote flash triggers.

Family Shoot 02/2012 - Setup

While the plain results are not out of the box usable, I guess the retouched version will find it's place to one or two walls of family members. At least the necessary school material was obtained :)

Family Shoot 02/2012 - Result Family Shoot 02/2012 - Result Retouched