Once more I shoot an event called Gummibeat. It's a kind of disco event. Of cause I'll not tell you something about the music or the drinks they serve. This article is about how I shoot this event.
Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17 The location of this event was a multi-purpose hall. Basically four large walls and a roof. Somewhere they installed all the music and lighting stuff. But of cause this is not enough to provide light for the kind of images I want to make. But as a strobist I always carry enough speedlites with me to fight the darkness :) In the picture above you can see how two small speedlites bring some color on the walls. Mount them somewhere, put a gel in from of them and you're done.
Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17 Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17 Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17 Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17 Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17
This time was the first time everything except the light stands fit into one backpack. All I needed were some remote triggers, half a dozen speedlites and the camera. Some speedlites where mounted on normal light stands. In areas where you can't place a lightstand I use Jobi Goriallapods. These are a kind highly flexible stands which you can mount nearly everywhere. Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17
Because a room has usually more than one wall I set up a number of speedlites the the other walls too. All flashes are set to manual mode. You can slightly vary the intensity of the colors by increasing/decreasing the aperture or the iso value on the camera. To light people directly in front of the cameras lens I used a normal TTL speedlite.
Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17

Here you can find the result of this shoot (03/17/2012): Gummibeat.de