Event Gallery Core 3.11.4 Stable

Released on: Friday, 06 March 2020 00:00

New Features

  • #823 Allow file upload from the frontend. There is a new upload button in the frontend if you're logged in and have sufficient permissions.

Minor Changes

  • #817 reworked file upload to remove jQuery usage
  • #817 reworked sync database feature to remove jQuery usage
  • #817 reworked the Amazon S3 thumbnail generation. jQuery is gone and wow it can generate thumbnails for local images, too.
  • #827 removed the crop mode for local images to reduce the number of thumbnails. Cropped thumbnails do not exist for Flickr, Google Photos and Amazon S3. Now they are gone for local images, too. Don't worry, you can still show square sized images in the frontend. Only the image source data changes, not the presentation.
  • #828 updated PEL library to 0.9.8
  • #832 updated Smarty template library to 3.1.34

Bug Fixes

  • #822 Saving title and caption of a file in the inline edit panel did not work.
  • #825 Remove content from the ucm content tabled on uninstall.
  • #826 Fix warning while publishing/unpublishing a category.
  • #829 Prevent exception if one use the save2copy button for an event and the smart search plugin for Event Gallery is active.


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Event Gallery Core - Install Package

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Compatibility Joomla 3.10 Joomla 3.7 Joomla 3.8 Joomla 3.9

Use this file to install Event Gallery Core through the Joomla Extension Manager. It can be used for updates and new installations.

If you perform an update there is no need to uninstall the package first. Just install it as you would do it with a new package. Keep in mind that uninstalling the package first would remove all you current data.

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