Event Gallery Core 3.11.22 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 03 December 2020 00:00

Minor changes

  • #916 You can select between a default and the us address format in the checkout configuration. Don't forget to adjust your email templates!

Bug fixes

  • #914 The content plugin lost its configuration if used multiple times on the same page while using older versions of Joomla.
  • #917 Events using Picasa albums are broken. Actually a good time to move away from this since two years deprecated connection. But the page should not break, so here is a fix.


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Event Gallery Core - Install Package

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Compatibility Joomla 3.10 Joomla 3.7 Joomla 3.8 Joomla 3.9

Use this file to install Event Gallery Core through the Joomla Extension Manager. It can be used for updates and new installations.

If you perform an update there is no need to uninstall the package first. Just install it as you would do it with a new package. Keep in mind that uninstalling the package first would remove all you current data.

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