Event Gallery Core 3.11.14 Stable

Released on: Saturday, 19 September 2020 00:00

Bug fixes

  • #877 Fixes the indention which pulled the edit form of an item 20px to the left.
  • #878, #881 Fixes the batch dialog for Joomla 4
  • #879 fixes layout of the search tool bar in Joomla 4


File size 7.29 Mb
SHA-512 Signature 3bd77f0b82bb1bc1483f9ec9f028c8d2378465537744181e758f71057d469d90304c1bb56c9d61a590299f04c0a851520d7ae44d73b248f2a8ac06274d2aa445

Event Gallery Core - Install Package

Joomla 3.10 Joomla 3.7 Joomla 3.8 Joomla 3.9

File size 2.42 Mb
SHA-512 Signature 415d28216a0e1f367e3057248069a7bfffe5a6a699057270b14043244a3ae1132f5d49e7f8d90a283a7f6ca9ee1feb3d5ed4a147e02928e285cdb9bbf0b9d981
Compatibility Joomla 3.10 Joomla 3.7 Joomla 3.8 Joomla 3.9

Use this file to install Event Gallery Core through the Joomla Extension Manager. It can be used for updates and new installations.

If you perform an update there is no need to uninstall the package first. Just install it as you would do it with a new package. Keep in mind that uninstalling the package first would remove all you current data.

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