Search Plugin for images

The Search Plugin integrates with the Joomla Search component (com_search) and finds images.

It indexes the following fields:

  • image file name
  • title
  • description

Configuration Options

  • Thumbnail size

    Defines the size of the thumbnails which are delivered into the search result. Valid values: numbers.

  • Open images in lightbox

    The link in the search results opens usually the event. Using this open, you can open the lightbox on the event page and show the image directly.

Thumbnail in Search results

By default, Joomla can’t show thumbnails in the search results. To make them appear, you need to modify the search result template.

This snippet is necessary in com_search/views/search/tmpl/default_result. It renders an image tag based on the thumbnail URL in the search result.

Feel free to modify this tag with a CSS class or anything else.


Don’t change the file directly, create a template override instead. Otherwise, your changes will disappear with Joomla updates!

if ($result->image) {
echo "<img src=\"{$result->image}\">";
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