Content Plugin

This plugin is useful if you want to add some images of an event to an article. Instead of reading through the syntax below you can enable the plugin Event Gallery - Editor Button any you’ll get an additional button below your text editor. Just click the Event Gallery button and you can use a dialog to create the tag you need.


  • Images

    {eventgallery event="foo" max_images=4 offset=3 thumb_width=75}

    max_images, offset and thumb_width are optional. The value for the Event parameter has to be the value of the folder name field of an event. Set max_images=0 to show all images of an event. With the offset parameter in combination with the max_image parameter you can create a range of images which gets displayed. offset defines from where your range starts while max_images defines how many images are displayed.

  • Description

    If you want to display the description of an event use this tag:

    {eventgallery event="foo" attr="description"}
  • Text

    If you want to display the text of an event use this tag:

    {eventgallery event="foo" attr="text" type="intro"}
    {eventgallery event="foo" attr="text" type="full"}

    If you used a page break tag in your text the intro and full content will be different.

  • Lightbox

    You want to use the lightbox instead of a link to the gallery? Just add the parameter mode=lightbox.

    {eventgallery event="foo" max_images=4 thumb_width=75 mode=lightbox}
  • Use Cart

    Using the cart in a content tag required the cart module so be available. Otherwise, the add to cart button will not work. To show those button, this parameter is required: usecart=1.

    {eventgallery event="foo" max_images=4 thumb_width=75 use_cart=1}
  • Image List / Tiles / Grid

    If you want to include a list of images with the auto layout which is used on the compoents event pages too you can use the following tag.

    {eventgallery event="foo" max_images=4 mode=imagelist}
    {eventgallery event="foo" max_images=4 mode=grid}
    {eventgallery event="foo" max_images=4 mode=tiles}
  • Additional Images for the Lightbox

    If you want to include some preview thumbnail in you article but want to show more images in the lightbox you can use the mode=hidden parameter. It will render invisible thumbnails which the lightbox will pick up later on. To make this work you need to include at least one other tag which loads thumbnails for this event.

    {eventgallery event="foo" offset=5 max_images=4 mode=hidden}

In case the eventgallery tag appears in the front end please check if your editor encodes the quotes. In this case the plugin can’t process the tag.

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