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#4477 Menu Type: Categories - List

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Latest post by sbluege on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 08:38 UTC


I'm using a menu item 'Categories - List' within my main menu and I can't find anywhere or make anything sort on the [Google] filename. (Click on the car)-> Main Menu -> My Build (Photo Albums)






Hi Stephen, 

Do you want to sort the Events/Albums on that page?

Sorting Events can be configured with multiple values, but also my a manual sorting:

Or do you want to sort the images on that page?

Images coming from Google Photos do not have filenames anymore, the API does not provide that information. They only have a cryptic name. Sorting them by filename would make no sense. With every call to the Google Photos API, Event Gallery copies the sorting of the images in Google Photos into the "ordering" fields of the images. Whatever you do in Google Photos will eventually end up in Event Gallery, too. That is the best way to sort images coming from Google Photos.