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#3428 – extension is not uploading

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Tuesday, 29 January 2019 09:06 UTC
Today, I tried to upload new images, but the uploader is stucking after every 10th images. Than for whatever reason I don't understand, I need to skip the picture, where the uploader is getting stacked. Than I can upload another 5 or max. 10 images, before the uploader is getting stucked again! I already tried to upload the other images via content - media center. The uploading is doing just fine there, but somehow these images are not displayed, when I open the Event Gallery Component. Since all images are far below 200kb, it's getting so very annoying! Alkso about the shopping card - that option makes absolutely no sense to me, since there is no option for storing the the original images where a purchaser can download from. Maybe, instead of this senseless shopping card, a far more important missing feature is an option for Guests to vote for favorite pictures.

Thank you & best regards!

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Event Gallery Version 3.10.4
Joomla Version 3.9.1
PHP Version 7.0
Tuesday, 29 January 2019 17:21 UTC

how do you recognize that the upload is stuck? Do you see an error message? Does this happen to the same image? Can you provide a screenshot, please?

Shopping Cart: if your server is strong enough to handle original files, you can directly upload them. Event Gallery will protect those images and does not deliver the original files. Instead if creates thumbnails up to 1600px on demand. IF you have a weak server, this options is useful: