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#3422 – Get Refresh Token

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Saturday, 26 January 2019 11:51 UTC
 Hi Sven,

I bought the full version of Event Gallery last night.
My main purpose is to use Google Photos on our website.
I followed your film to set up Event Gallery linked to Google Foto's.

As far as I can see evrything went fine, with the exception of the last step: "Get Refresh Token".
I should get a window propting me for my Google Account (I have multiple but I am logged only into the one I want to use).
What I get instead is this message:

" To use Google Photos you need to select your Google Account. Please click the button below to select your Google Account.

If the Google window is just white, click the button below again without closing the Google window.

Not a valid origin for the client: has not been whitelisted for client ID Please go to and whitelist this origin for your project's client ID.

Error Code: idpiframe_initialization_failed "

What can I do.
I did what is suggested Looked at and searched for Whitelisting or something similar.
Please Advise.
Best Regards
Frank Bertram

Custom Fields

Event Gallery Version Full 3.10.12
Joomla Version 3.9.2.
PHP Version 7.2.11
Saturday, 26 January 2019 15:30 UTC

let me attach two screenshots. In your client credentials, you need to add your domain as the origin.

Does this help?
Saturday, 26 January 2019 18:25 UTC
Hi Sven,

Thanks for your speedy message.
I am afraid it did not help much.

I have added 5 screenshots.
1. Is the top level screen
2. Is the same as your number 2 and looks oke to me
3. Should be the same as your number 1, but is completely different no matter what I do<
when I press the “Domein Toevoegen” (Add domein) button I get to …..
4. Where I enter the domain again which brings me to ..
5. “Eigendom verifieren” (Verify Ownership) which is a route I have not seen in your video at all.
Nevertheless I went that route earlier today, it asked me at a certain point to add a TXT record in the DNS on my website what I did, but no result at all.

I hope this makes the situation a bit clearer to you.

Thanks for your help so far.
Best Regards.

Met vriendelijk groeten,
Saturday, 26 January 2019 19:04 UTC
Your screenshot shows but your error message

Please add in addition to in screenshot 2.
Sunday, 27 January 2019 11:01 UTC
Hi Sven,

Thank you very much, very wel spotted.
I feel ashamed a bit that I not spotted that myself.

I have got the whole thing to work now.
Thanks again.

By the way, I am getting messages from your ticketing system every ten minutes with the following message
" Van: Sven Bluege []
Verzonden: zondag 27 januari 2019 11:50
Onderwerp: New post creation failed

Hello Buurtvereniging De Molenakkers,
Oops! Something went wrong trying to create your post. It's probably not your fault. Please visit our site and try posting your ticket or ticket reply there.
We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.
Visit "Sven Blüge - Bits'n'Light"
I am sure that is not intended.

Best Regards
Frank Bertram
Sunday, 27 January 2019 11:12 UTC
You're welcome!

I stopped those notifications. Let me know if you get more if them.
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