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#2210 – titel and description

Posted in ‘Event Gallery Extended’
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 23:17 UTC
 Hello Sven

Is there any way of turning off the title and description on the thumbnails. On a mobile device takes up a lot of limited space and looks messy on a normal sized screen. If you have many hundreds of images in a event it is not practical to go into each image and delete the text. I do need the exif info on each image as these will be available for download.

Many Thanks Andy

And I did vote IN what a mess

Custom Fields

Event Gallery Version 354
Joomla Version 351
Wednesday, 29 June 2016 06:29 UTC
There is no option to show/hide those information for an event. But you can use CSS to hide what you don't need. Just add the necessary CSS to you templates CSS file.
Wednesday, 29 June 2016 07:54 UTC
Hi Sven

That's OK if you are web guru. But not every one can do that including my wife as I am delegating that to her as my workload is increasing. As I don't have the time to mess around with css codes and then the upheaval when apps and templates change.

Possibly one to put on the development path.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 08:30 UTC

Can you add a link to a page where you want to hide title and deacription please?

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 12:00 UTC
Hi Sven

Long time in getting back to you. But this also relates to EG 361 as well. Was wating to see if it had been changed in the latest version.

here is a link to see the problem.
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 12:56 UTC
No. You still need to use CSS here. I don't plan to add a switch for information like this.
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 13:06 UTC
Its just there are other switches for exif and other info but non of them work for this problem. So will dig into the CSS or delete image info and stop downloads / sharing as this info will not be present in the downloaded image.

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 13:07 UTC
this is a resent problem if you look at past enteries this problem did not exsist.
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 13:25 UTC
You need to hide the title and description of the event?

Here is an example CSS snippet which you can add to your templates CSS file

.eventgallery-tiles .eventgallery-tile .content h2,
.eventgallery-tiles .eventgallery-tile .content .eventgallery-caption,
.eventgallery-tiles .eventgallery-tile .content .filename {
	display: none;
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