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One would think that we can learn from making a mistake once. But in my case this is not always true. I'm just back from a short visit to Berlin. Again I noticed that I should have bring different gear.

Like on my trip to Barcelona I just brought my 5D and the 24-70mm lens. Mostly because for weight reasons. At the first glace this makes sense. The lens is wide enough to capture wide angle images and has the ability to take some short telephoto images too. But in the end this is not sufficient. It's to long on the wide end and way to short on the long end. For nearly every image I took I wished I had the 17-40 or the 70-200 available. Next time I'll take both with me. Well, 24mm are pretty good and in most cases okay. But the long end can't be long enough. It's amazing how many opportunities you have even in crowed cities like Berlin to use more than 70mm. I like the compression which comes with this focal length very much. This is nothing you can emulate by cropping the images later on.

So in the end it's the same story with the 24-70 as it is with the Canon 5D Mark III. Great tools, but they offer nearly nothing you fell in love with. They are just high quality bread and butter tools without any special features. But the alternatives have some draw backs too. Bringing more than one lens will cause a lot of lens changing. I guess every time one want's to take a picture one will have the wrong lens attached. So let's bring two camera bodies. This works great except your back will hurt sooner than later because of the additional weight that comes into play. I still refuse on going back to a compact camera. Even if this would work, I would have spend a fortune for all the DSRL gear and don't use it ;-) So I'll better do not giving this a try.

What's your opinion on this? Might using a compact camera be the solution? Let me know what you think in the comments.