I shoot people

Sven Bluege Hi! I'm a photographer based in Germany and I shoot people. I'm doing this since more than 10 years now. I came in contact with photography when digital photography came into vogue. This was in 2002 when I was able to grab my first digital camera. I started shooting party pictures which is what I still love to do. I was able to improve my shoots over time. This was possible by adding a significant amount of gear, reading countless books about photography related things and by the experience I gained in the last years. Experience both in image capturing and post production. Furthermore I love to shoot strobist like. The idea behind the strobist way makes it possible to do an on location shoot with a relatively small amount of gear. Because of this I'm able to do studio like on location shoots which is what I really enjoy.

Actually I'm a software engineer. I have my diploma computer science since 2006 and I love my profession. I think photography is a very good addition. Why? Because capturing the image is just the beginning of the work. It is followed by processing the image where all the software comes into play. The creative process spans over both parts. Because of this I can have the contact with the people during the shoot and benefit from my background as software engineer during post production. It is amazing what is possible in post production today. If the image is finally available I'm happy when someone enjoys my work. That is what finally counts.

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