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New in 3.2

The main new feature of Event Gallery 3.2 is the integration of categories. You can use categories like you're used to use them for articles, weblinks or contacts.
  • Import/Export for component related data
  • Categories! You can create a category hierarchy and assign events to it.
  • path to the image source folder is configurable now by creating the file config_override.php in the component folder. See config.php for details.
  • Auto rotation of images using EXIF orientation information is available now.
  • Batch operations for events (Joomla > 3.0 only)
  • Latest Event Module: added option to show the description of the event instead of the module title.
  • Content Plugin: Support for multiple image lists per page.
  • Finder Plugin: the events date is part of the index. Support for event gallery categories as filter options
  • Category Module: shows your category hierarchy
  • Events Module: Shows your latest events in a list.

Don't miss all the other changes. Check the latest release notes: Release Notes.

The latest version of Event Gallery 3.x is available for download as preview releases. With a subscription you'll get the full package with the modules and plugins below including the PayPal payment method for the checkout in a single easy to install package. Check the latest Release Notes to find out what's new.

You just need to subscribe :)


Cart & Checkout

This is a demo site for the latest version of Event Gallery 3.x. The main new feature of Event Gallery 3 is clearly the new checkout feature. It's highly flexible and easy to use.

If you want to test a checkout with Paypal use those credentials:

User: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Password: 12345678

Content Plugin

You want to use an event in your article? Now there is a content plugin which allows you exactly this. Here is a demo: Use Events in Articles

Search Integration

Please have also a look at the new search integration. There is a plugin for the Joomla Smart Search and the Joomla Search available. Both plugins allow so search for events by indexing the description, text and tags of an event.


This first modules are available. While having just very basic displaying capabilities they offer a great start for creating custom JavaScript magic like this: Module Slider Demo.

Event Module

The main purpose of this module is to show exactly one event somewhere on your page. You can define parameters like the event, the thumb size and the number of images you want to show.

If you installed the module there is a new instance which you can find with the Joomla Module Manager. Make sure the module is configured correctly and shows up on at least one page. By default it is not assigned to any page or to any position in your template.

Latest Event Module

Shows a number of images from the latest event. You can define the meaning of "latest" using the settings for the event sorting. In addition the module has a setting for the event history position which allows you to configure for example three instances of this module type to display the three latest events.

User Groups for Events

Another new feature is the ability to restrict the visibility of events by using user groups. Assign as many user groups to an event. Once the current user is in one of them he can see the event. Otherwise he needs to log in. User group inheritance is taken into account while performing the check.

Use the following credentials to test this feature:

User: tester
Password: tester

Once your login was successful you should see the (Test Folder 4).