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Event Gallery 3.1 offers you a unique way to present your images on your Joomla Site. But that's not all. You can even sell your images directly from your own website. PayPal payment inclusive.

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It includes category support in addition to batch actions for events and other changes. Make sure you don't miss the release notes for this version. Just visit the Demo Site.

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Powermanagement Speedlites and wireless radio triggers need power. Usually the power is provided by AA or AAA batteries. Using rechargeable batteries is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. But buying rechargeable batteries is by far not enough. A very good charger is necessary too. This article will present the three models I use.
Gummibeat Shooting 2012/03/17Once more I shoot an event called Gummibeat. It's a kind of disco event. Of cause I'll not tell you something about the music or the drinks they serve. This article is about how I shoot this event. More after the jump.
update imageThe next update is here. This time it is all about supporting multiple languages. Since I'm a German native speaker I decided to provide a German version of all articles too. Don't be confused of the RSS-feed. It'll stay as it is and will deliver all new article in English language. Feel free to use the new Google +1 button in the top nav.
Tamrac Expedition 8 Searching for a new camera backpack? Should it be a large one? Should it be an even larger one? Have a look at the Tamrac Expedition 8. This is a huge backpack, very well padded and simply gorgeous. Details after the jump.
Joomla - Gallery Component - Eventgallery The extension market for Joomla gallery components is pretty crowded. Because of this I decided to build another one ;-). Initially I wanted to present images for specific events. In addition people should be allowed to add comments to images. But requirement changed over time and more and more features where added while others remain unused. I'd like to show you some details about the used gallery component on this page after the jump.
update imageI updated my website. Navigation has improved, search is available and I added a footer section. Furthermore a RSS feed is now available. So don't hesitate to subscribe :)

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The Honl Photo Professional Lighting SystemDIY is a common method for creating gels for your speedlite. Buy some gels, cut them to the right size and find a way to mount them to your speedlite. I did this a couple of times before. But if you have to rely on your stuff then the DIY method is sometimes annoying. Because of this I was in the market to find some new gear which is rock solid and convenient. I decided to go for gels from the Honl Photo Professional Lighting System. This article describes my findings about it. More after the jump.
Carnival 2012 - BarchfeldThe carnival season is over. At least for the current half of the year. I shoot a carnival revue and like to share some pictures with you.
Pixel Opas and Pixel KingThe Pixl King and Pixel Opas units are meant to be compatible. You can trigger a speedlite mounted to an Opas transceiver using the King transmitter. While this is working perfectly with my 7D I've got trouble with my 5DMKII. Read more after the jump.